I’ll state this right up front.  I am a non-practising lawyer and a writer, not an art historian or an art critic. But my passion is outsider art.

I was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, where outsider art is pretty much unheard of. I learned about art brut in my days as a university undergraduate, but didn’t encounter outsider art until much later in life. It delivered a visceral punch, and still does. I began exploring outsider art through books, books, and more books and I wondered why all the outsider artists are from the USA or Europe. How could that be? This is my personal exploration of outsider art, the artists who create it, and the view from north of the 49th. Since starting this blog, I completed my Master’s degree on the topic of outsider art. A book about Canadian outsider art is underway.

The top banner of this blog is from a painting by French outsider artist, Danielle Jacqui (She Who Paints), who opened my eyes.